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Irena Bartolec

Is an Authorized KPJAYI ( since 2014) yoga teacher, and head of the Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Program at True Love Yoga Studio in Bali, Indonesia. Irena has accumulated 15 years of extensive teaching and management experience in the fields of Yoga, Health and Wellness, and Mindfulness Irena had the rare opportunity to personally learn about yoga and mindfulness beside a carefully curated group of noted and revered spiritual teachers and masters. Her search for knowledge has taken her all over the world, from India to Colorado, Europe to Asia, Central America to Hawaii. She remains committed to spending time with teachers whom she admires, and they dutifully inspire her teaching path like Sri. K. Patthabi Jois, Sharat R. Jois, Rolf Naujokat, Richard Freeman, Lino Miele, Nancy Gilgoff, Eddie Stern, Dr. Jayashree and prof. Narasimhan. She got Master of Science in Kinesiology degree from the University of Zagreb, Croatia in 2004 where she graduated with Master’s Degree theses in Physiology on topic: “Influence of yoga on cardiovascular and respiratory system”. This extensive education gives Irena a strong platform to teach dents individual needs. She different level of classes and meet her is fully versed in anatomical studies, various physical therapy programs

Ritesh Patel

Has been successfully working in the health and wellness industry for 18 years. Initially trained as a graphic designer, in 2003 Ritesh pivoted to focus on teaching yoga full time. Ritesh’s spiritual journey began in 1994, studying the art of Karate. Eight years later, Ritesh attained a black belt from the Okinawan Goju- Ryu Karate-do Federation of India. In 2005, to further his yogic studies, Ritesh attended a Thai Yoga Bodywork course under the guidance of Prabhat Menon from The Sunshine Network in New Zealand. A traditional Thai yoga massage technique, this Ayurvedic technique combines the principles of energy balancing, stretching, acupressure and yoga exercises to make it a powerful massage therapy. In 2011 Ritesh completed Yoga Teacher Training course under the guidance of Swami Veda Bharati from the Himalayan Yoga Tradition, and in June 2014 Ritesh obtained a Stott Pilates Certificate, which allows him to teach pilates for personal and group training. Ritesh has been teaching Anatomy, Pranayama and Yoga Philosophy at respected yoga schools and TTC’s in India and Bali.
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