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The Cosmos YTT Team is a skillfully curated group of accomplished teachers and long term practitioners. Our YTT program is an accessible retreat for a range of prospective students who want to deepen their regular yoga practice, improve their existing teaching skills, or are simply searching for a smooth entry into the world yoga.

Join us at Cosmos Oasis to learn, experience, and be apart of this greater community.

What people say?

I have been practicing yoga for the last 8 or 9 years with Irena Bartolec, and her studio has been like a small oasis of peace where I run from all everyday problems. Some of the effects of yoga for me is increased awareness of my body and mind, as well as the fact that I have strengthen my self-discipline. However the process is not over yet and there is a lot to improve!
Tina Samohod
Zagreb, Croatia
I started practicing yoga with Irena at age of 14, as a teenager of buzzing mind (still am), who needed something to steer her energy into. By guidance of most beautiful and kind teacher, my practice became something much more than just gymnastics – it became a source of happiness, relaxation, security and energy.
Sara Krivacic
Zagreb, Croatia
Irena is a very authentic, lovely, inspiring yoga teacher/person! I learned a lot in one week with her so i am more open to go further in my practise! The lessons are very supportive and she motivates me a lot in her beautiful way of teaching!
Liza Entholzer
Vienna, Austria
With Irena I always felt that the onus is put on the practice and the student, while the complexities of the tradition do not muddy the waters of our peaceful Mysore space. She is dedicated and honest. We are lucky to have her as our teacher
Douglas E. Weiss
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