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Want to host your own training?

We can help you and offer our services to you, including the space, accommodation, and food services. Please message us directly for more details.

Our Staff

Our staff is a highly professional staff that will happily do their best to serve your training or event needs, from accommodation refresh to shala preparation, understanding dietary requirements, and taking care of your event guests, members, or participants.

They are kind, courteous, respectful, and always carry a smile on their face! They will make you feel welcome and positive.

Your Immediate Surroundings

While other locations can only offer one atmospheric theme, at Cosmos Oasis, we offer two different environments, allowing you to flow the one you feel more comfortable.

Each space or environment has its own yoga shala, swimming pool, kitchen, accommodation, along with its own atmosphere.

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Where You Will Stay

Sleep is absolutely essential for keeping your body healthy. At Cosmos Oasis we offer luxury contemporary accommodation, where you can fully relax after the training. All rooms are equipped with AC, hot water shower, full closet, and sizable beds. There is a full size Swimming pool conveniently located at the inner garden, and a full service kitchen on the premises.

Cosmos Oasis, located in the heart of Canggu, within walking distance to various shops, cafes, and beaches.  Our peaceful neighborhood, set amongst the rolling rice fields of Bali, is hip, stylish, and fun.

Wide range of foods

At Cosmos we offer fresh, plant based cuisine in the heart of Canggu.  Our nutrition conscious menu is sourced from clean foods, combining fresh local ingredients with healthy recipes to nourish the soul. Our cuisine is harvested daily and lovingly prepared with attention to detail in our on site restaurant.

Concentrating on vegetarian, vegan and raw foods, the Cosmo’s restaurant offers tasty fusion recipes in a peaceful and tranquil setting.

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