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Collaborations are the future ! The core belief of everything Cosmos Oasis sets out to do is that we are in a constant search of partnerships both with businesses and driven individuals to create collaborated events. Our beautiful, contemporary space compliments absolutely any event.
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We at Cosmos Oasis provide exclusive,  contemporary, comfortable experience Accommodation which we simply refer to as “home away from home”, a wide selection of communal spaces that can host yoga sessions, lectures, conferences, film screenings, dinners etc. and a catering experience like no other.

It doesn’t really matter what you have in mind: a high-end corporate event for people who prefer ties over t-shirts seven days a week or Yoga-Teacher Training for people who would rather breathe, stretch and evolve than sit in an office 9 to 5. Art Exhibitions or start up events fully catered. Pop up style Yoga events a passion in itself.

So long as our core moral values match, the rest really isn’t that relevant

  • Yoga Teacher Training / Immersions, Retreats
  • Health and wellness retreats
  • Boot-Camp
  • Coorporate conference
  • Exhibitions
  • start-up launches
  • Pop-up events


2 Beautiful Spaces Two beautiful spaces with different and very individual styles



a Chic yet homelike modern setting

Eight large rooms sharing a common design theme with an outstanding level of comfort for the guests

Scandinavian style bedrooms

Each  room  has an ensuite bathroom and all of them are equipped with AC’s and ceiling fans. 



Cosmos Oasis kitchen works only with best ingredients most of which are sourced in Bali. We provide meal solutions for vegetarians as well as vegans and keep close watch on meeting all the dietary requirements of our guests. Our catering packages can be customized for your event/retreat to enable a full immersion into the training/learning process.

the location

The location of both premises is perfect for full spiritual and mental immersion into whatever event is being held. They are a few blocks away from the road, surrounded by rice fields and private villas, quiet and peaceful surroundings in the palm tops of Canggu.

Both spaces available for events of any type. We have:

  • mats
  • Blosters
  • blocks
  • belts
  • eye pillows
  • all essential equitment

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