200 Hour & 300 Hour Unified Yoga Teacher Trainings with Peak Beings

Find Your Self

When you join one of Peak Beings’ Unified Yoga Teacher Trainings your are taking your first step toward opening your eyes to All that is Yoga and all that is and can be You.  With you in mind, we have carefully designed a thorough and thoughtful program to efficiently create a foundation for your yoga practice and teaching.  We will help you to tap into your True Power and True Self.  

200 and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings in Bali

You will see that when you Unify with like minded beings and feel fully Unified within your Self, the possibilities are limitless and you will naturally find comfort and bliss in the infinite being that you are.  If you are ready for this, to open your eyes, heart and soul.  You are ready for this training.

Unify with Us

Unified Yoga Teacher Training seamlessly Unify the Ethereal with the Real as well as Unify the Historic yogic methods and views with Present Day application.  We are thankful and have immense Gratitude for all of the Yogis that came before us.  In the Unified Yoga Teacher Training you will learn to utilize their knowledge and tools and weave them into your Life to create a Road Map for your Yoga Path.  You will not only gain the tools to be a safe and knowledgeable Yoga Teacher throughout this training, but You will also be guided on a Journey to the Self.  During this journey you will gain a deeper understanding of who you truly are and will Unify all the layers of your Self.  

Through this carefully guided Unification Process, you will develop confidence in your Self, nurture your ability to direct your vital life force energy, and will be left with the skills to navigate your life as you step back into your newly Transformed and True Self.  This is Unified Yoga.

Yogi Troy and Team

You will find that Our Team of teachers takes their role as guardians of the sacred art and science of yoga very seriously, but also maintain and hold a fun and light space for you to deepen your practice and teaching skills.  Unified Yoga does not restrict you from evolving your yoga and your teaching as yoga styles continue to develop. 

During this training you will have plenty of time to absorb and practice what you are learning as well as free time to explore the amazing Island of Bali with temples, beaches, and waterfalls that will take your breath away.

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