Yoga + Fitness + Coaching = Fit Chill Out Retreats

Fit Chill Out Retreats

So, who are we? What do we do and why should you be part of our tribe? 

A long time ago we came to the realisation that your body and mind work together for the best and also for the worst. We designed Fit Chill Out Retreats as a coaching workshop where we focus on helping your mind and your body to firstly, help ease your fears and worries – whether in life or career and secondly, to give you the tricks and tips so that your fearless life can carry on after we all go home.

During our Fit Chill Out Retreats, we’ll work together in intimate groups to create solutions for your problems, find ways to realise your ambitions and goals in life on a personal level or career path but most of all, we are your team that has your back on your path to true fulfilment and happiness. 

Fit Chill Out retreats is the brainchild of Beata Justkowiak, entrepreneur and founder of Energising Goals. Her background in psychology, sport and the corporate world makes her all too aware of stresses and strains of modern life and the importance of taking time out to reflect, recharge and recalibrate.

“I’m passionate about helping people to find more balance in their lives. We are so caught up in work, tech and the many demands of our lives that it’s easy to forget to just be ourselves.” 

Beata Justkowiak

Fit Chill Out Retreats carefully curate every aspect of its wellbeing events and this is what makes it so different. The team select divers accommodation option and experiences to capture the needs of their clients and create a different theme for each retreat. 

Wondering if Fit Chill Out is for you?

Beata believes that happiness lies within ourselves and it is for us to grab and run with. Laughter, exercise, training, energy are all limitless and for everyone.  There is no one type of person that Fit Chill Out Retreats are for, they are inclusive and designed so that you, yes you, can get the best for you. Not the best of what we feel we should have or the life we should be living, but the one that is for you.

Taking some time out to reflect on things can be exactly what we need to make positive changes before we go back to being busy again.

If you’d like to set up a plan to pay for your retreat in increments, simply email Beata ([email protected]) and she will be there to assist you.

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