Study yoga with a true master In a comfortable, modern, and relatable environment

East + West Retreats

brings real Indian yoga masters to bali and pairs them with the most popular western teachers for once-in-a-lifetime trainings. We’ve searched the globe for the world’s best teachers, and brought them to the world’s new mecca for yoga. Welcome to the best of all worlds.
Have you ever wanted to study yoga with a true master, and wanted to do that in an environment that was comfortable, modern, and relatable? When we were looking for a yoga teacher training, this is what we were searching for but couldn’t find. All of our trainings include 1-2 yoga or meditation masters from India, and at least one professional teacher from the western world.
Our trainings are not just good asana but a full sensory experience where every moment of your day will be surrounded by incredible, transformative energy. We put lots of detail into our food, resorts, and customer service to make sure every moment you spend with us is full of love and growth.

Our teaching philosophy is to repel dogmatic practices and rigid instructions. Our teachers are all life-affirmative, which means they will teach you how to apply yoga to every aspect of life. In our 200 hour trainings, you’ll learn the basic of a proper, traditional yoga practice. As you begin to establish this strong foundation of practice, our teachers also instruct in modern forms of yoga including yinyasa and therapeutic yoga.

Embark on a life-changing experience as you learn the ancient traditions of authentic yoga from true masters of their craft. We have completely rethought the traditional teacher training experience for those looking to apply the principles of yoga to every area of their life, not just teach in a studio. You will gain a strong foundation in the tradition and techniques of yoga necessary to competently teach at a 200-hour level, and go significantly deeper. 

Held at majestic retreat centers nestled in the sun-soaked rice-fields of Bali, this training is ideal for those considering embarking on a career in teaching yoga, as well as those wanting to transform their lives.

Taking some time out to reflect on things can be exactly what we need to make positive changes before we go back to being busy again.

If you’d like to set up a plan to pay for your retreat in increments, simply email ([email protected]).

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